The upcoming NBA offseason might prove to be one of the most significant periods in recent NBA history. With stars LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony able to opt out of their current contracts, Kevin Love wanting out of Minnesota, and an extremely highly-anticipated NBA Draft class all in the works, a few fireworks are poised to happen. Here are five offseason NBA trades that make sense for both teams. Screenshots of ESPN’s Trade Machine, found here, are displayed for each trade, showing that each move makes perfect financial sense. Also, John Hollinger’s analysis on each trade shows the number of wins or losses that each team would gain or lose for each trade.

1.Timberwolves trade Kevin Love to Celtics for Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, No. 6 overall pick

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.50.47 PM Trade Machine

It’s fairly obvious that Love wants out of Minnesota and he has been quoted saying that he will not re-sign in the Twin Cities. After soaking in some time in Boston recently, and even meeting up with Rajon Rondo, the Celtics emerged as a possible landing spot for Love— however no analyst mentioned what the Celtics would have to give up in order to acquire the All-Star. In order to create an appropriate financial situation, the Celtics would have to send Jeff Green and Brandon Bass packing, and also trade away their No. 6 overall pick, which is a coveted spot for any team outside the top 10 in this year’s draft because of the depth of the class.

As you can see, John Hollinger’s analysis shows that this trade would result in seven less wins for the T-Wolves, and seven more for the Celtics, but it doesn’t take into account that Minnesota would also be gaining that No. 6 pick as well, most likely gaining another starter in the process, thus bumping their negative win amount towards a positive amount. This move would give the Celtics a skilled big man to work in unison with Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley, and other budding young talent on the team.

Does This Make Sense?

2. Indiana Pacers trade Roy Hibbert to Bulls for Carlos Boozer Trade Machine Trade Machine

Pacers fans are begging for Hibbert’s $14,283,844 salary over the next three seasons to be wiped off of their team’s books, and this might be the only deal that could possibly make this happen. As the season progressed, Carlos Boozer played less-and-less minutes for the Bulls, with Coach Thib choosing to go with Taj Gibson late in games down the stretch, mostly for his athleticism. Leading into next season, Gibson, by all accounts, will be the starter at power forward for the team.

Boozer is due to earn $15.3 million over next two seasons. The Bulls could use Hibbert off the bench, and his presence defensively could set them apart from the bottom of the competition in the East, especially since Derek Rose will be returning. It appears as though Hibbert needs a change in scenery. Before the All-Star Game, he averaged 11.8 points, 7.7 rebounds, and 2.5 blocks per game. After the All-Star Game, he put up 8.9 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 1.8 blocks per contest.

The Pacers, who didn’t use Hibbert as much as expected in the postseason (due in part to his performance and in part due to matchups), would gain a proven scorer in Boozer, and while he’s on the decline in his career, the Pacers would only be locked into him for the next two seasons and not the next three as they currently are with Hibbert.

John Hollinger’s analysis shows that this trade would result in one more win for the Pacers and wouldn’t affect the Bulls in terms of wins and losses, but I expect that each team would benefit greatly from this move.

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3. Cavaliers trade Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennett to Magic for Aaron Afflalo, Nicola Vucevic

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 1.12.54 PM Trade Machine

Dion Waiters and Kyrie Irving don’t like each other and Anthony Bennett has the potential to be the worst No. 1 pick since Kwame Brown based on his massive struggles during his rookie season. A change in scenery for those two guys, while doing everything to keep star point guard Kyrie Irving, should be a focus for the Cavs. They would gain Afflalo, who put together one of the best seasons of his career last season, but struggled down the stretch, and Vucevic, a skilled big-man, thus filling major needs. If the Cavs did this trade and drafted Andrew Wiggins with the first overall pick, their lineup going into next season would be PG: Irving, SG: Wiggins, SF: Afflalo, PF: Thompson, C: Vucevic, which would immediately contend, in my point of view.

This deal would also benefit the Magic, who would add Waiters and Bennett to a starting lineup that features Victor Olidipo, and most likely a rookie like Dante Exum with the fourth overall pick with a ton of potential. They wouldn’t win right away, but they would build toward the future, which is the direction the team should be in.

Does This Make Sense?

4. Nets trade Brook Lopez to Warriors for David Lee, Festus Ezeli Trade Machine Trade Machine

Brook Lopez has been injured for much of the past two seasons, but when he’s healthy, he’s one of the best centers in the NBA. He would be the type of player that Steve Kerr would love to have on his Warriors squad, especially if he runs a type of triangle offense, if his relationship to Phil Jackson results in him employing that offensive philosophy.

Lopez and Andrew Bogut could join Curry, Thompson, and either Iguodala or Barnes in the starting lineup and continue their winning ways in the Western Conference.

David Lee, who is owed just less than Lopez over the next three seasons, would add athleticism and a scoring threat down low to a Brooklyn roster that needs a scorer in the post. While he is more of a finesse player than a banger on the block, Mason Plumlee and him can be one of the more athletic combinations in the NBA in the post moving forward. He’s also used to playing in New York, as he played for the Knicks earlier in his career. Ezeli is a big body who would be a nice addition to the deal for the Nets, as Jason Kidd was forced to use a ridiculously small lineup in the playoffs because of a lack of size down low.

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5. Suns trade Alex Len, Archie Goodwin, No. 14 overall pick to Pistons for Greg Monroe Trade Machine Trade Machine

The Suns have proven that they are more skilled than people give them credit for, finishing above .500 last season and almost gaining a playoff berth. Their major pain point came down low, and Monroe would be the perfect fit. He currently has one year left on his current contract and with Stan Van Gundy now in the Pistons’ front office, he may be looking to rebuild. Two pieces that would give the Pistons two projects would be Alex Len and Archie Goodwin, who have potential, but have not proven themselves yet.

Trading the No. 14 overall pick to the Pistons would also give the Suns a chance to land the talented big man Monroe and make a run at contention next season. The Pistons, meanwhile, would be able to add two young players and also make a selection with the No. 14 pick, as they currently don’t have a first-round pick. The Suns have the No. 14, No. 18, and No. 27 picks in the draft and wouldn’t be hesitant to get rid of one or two of them in the right deal.

Does This Make Sense?

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  • derek

    most of these trade are terribly one sided, the only one that i thought was fair was david lee and ezeli for lopez. All the other trades were way off

  • tsinsideradmin

    How are they one sided, derek? Care to explain?

  • SchaumburgKenny

    Boozer only has one season left on his contract at 16.8 million. Not sure the Bulls would want to spend 30 Mil+ for a back up center ruining their financial flexibilty for the next 3 years when their talking about amnestying Boozer just to save money against the cap this year. With Houston Center and ex-Bull Omer Asik telling people he regrets signing the Houston offer sheet, the Bulls can just wait until 2015 and sign Asik as a free agent at half the cost of Hibbert to be the backup. Asik knows Thibs’ offensive and defensive systems and can replace Noah as the starter for half the season now as Noah is always injured and permantly in a couple of years as Noah is getting old.

  • SchaumburgKenny

    I like your Love trade scenario, but think, at the moment at least, with the new GM/head coach, the Wolves are likely to stand pat until after the draft. Like you, I think that’s probably a mistake. What if this is the best value you’re going to get for Love and Boston ends up drafting someone you don’t want?

    I also think your Suns trade is brilliant. I’m not sure Pheonix or Detroit has even thought of this. Sounds like something Stan Van Gundy would jump at and would really benefit the Suns. You should contact both sides. 🙂

    I’d actually like the Boozer for Hibbert swap if only Hibbert were on an expiring contract. Bulls management tends to err on the side of cheap, so unless it’s Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love, or LaMarcus Aldritch, they seem unlikely to spend 10 mil+ (especially on a backup – see the Luol Deng shed some money trade when your team is still in contention).

    I’m not sure Orlando would want Waiters and Bennett (yet, at least). If, like you say, they draft Exum, Afflalo shifts to Small Forward. If they decide to get rid of him because of a crowded back court, Waiters has been rumored to be a bit of a headcase (who goes into a team with an established star like Irving and starts dictating how he should run the team?) and is not a very efficient scorer like Afflalo is – which would be beneficial when coming off the bench in spurts. Waiters has more years on his contract as well. I also think Bennett’s reputation (mostly unfair at this point) is that he’s a “tweener forward” bust too slow to play Small Forward and too small to play Power Forward. He was injured when drafted and missed all of the offseason work with the Cavs. Bennett has a lot to prove this year. The only team I could see interested in a low-ball trade for him is Toronto as he’s Canadian and they love Canadian basketball players to sell more tickets. Bennett might thrive there as well coming off the bench as a “small ball” Power Forward and being used as a situational wing against backup, unathletic wings.

    I think the Nets think of what could’ve been last season if Lopez was healthy. I don’t think Prokorov would trade him for anything. The only player I could see Prokorov trading is Point Guard Deron Williams. Hmm… I’ll tell you what, if Prokorov wanted to trade Lopez for Boozer to save money after next year, I think the Bulls would take on all of the years in Lopez’ max contract in a heartbeat. Lopez is the kind of underrated two way player who’s still young that the Bulls would think is a star they could build around… Prokorov is an entitled billionare, so I never see him admitting he’s spending too much money, but I’d *dream* of that trade scenario. I’ve watched Lopez quite a bit and think he can be a stud in several game situations…

  • tim

    Bill Simmons rule: in the NBA you always lose if you rtade a dollar bill for four quarters. So, nix on Love-to-Celts. Maybe if their pick were in the top 3. Why Orlando would take a jerk and a fatty to help Cleveland keep Kyrie Irving is a mystery (esp in a league where everyone is modeling themselves on the Spurs). Hibbert is an All-Star and you have him goig to Chicago to come off the bench, while Indy supposedly trades its all-star to get an overpaid backup to David West. Then you have Detroit and Golden State trading for players they already have

    That’s why Derek thinks your trades are one sided. Cleveland gives two useless players (one a locker room problem, the other a Kaint Play guy) for two useful ones. Right. In a Spurs-led league? Indy gives an all-star for a guy who has been on the all-overpaid team for years. Monroe is a free agent soon and may be traded at a discount. But not for a defensive center like Len, who would back up Drummond forever. And Minny will get better offers than that for K-Love. And why would a guy with leverage want to go there? They are miles from winning anything.

  • Editor

    Those are good points. The main reasoning for the trade was to allow both the Bulls and Pacers to dump these players while getting something in return (even with the cap hit associated). We have seen Hibbert succeed, but he regressed physically and emotionally throughout this past season. Boozer publicly has said that he doesn’t agree with being out of the game in the final minutes. Both would benefit from being traded, in my opinion. Amnestying Boozer would work as well… but since these are fun trades to think about, I included it! Thanks for the comment.

  • Editor

    -Although reports of the T-Wolves so far have claimed that there is no inclination that they would trade Love, it’s obvious and he said publicly that he will be testing free agency. Therefore, I see him definitely being dealt before the deadline this year. Any other move would just be irrational by the Minnesota ownership (which could happen as well of course).
    -Thank you for the comment about the Suns trade!
    – If the Bulls don’t land Carmelo, I don’t think they will mind to take more of a cap hit to get better. Coach Thib would be an upgrade over Vogel and make Hibbert a better player.
    – I like the trade of Bennett to Toronto, but who would Toronto give up? That was actually one of my landing spots for him when I was drafting this up.
    – I agree that Lopez is a stud… but only when he’s on the court. Lee gives you that production every night and has been consistently a great offensive player and rebounder for years. Yes, the Nets would be losing defensively in the ability to guard the center position, but it’s also evident after this past season that they need scoring help in the post. I think that Lopez’s injury issues are a real concern for the Nets, which is why I think they’d be open to moving him, even if they never claimed to have any interest in doing so.
    Thanks for the comment!

  • Editor

    Hi Tim,
    – Fair enough (about the Love trade).
    – Orlando would be getting Waiters, a young scorer who has the ability to be a star, in my opinion if put in the right situation. Right now, he’s in a bad situation in Cleveland. Anthony Bennett would still have value in the trade market, but if he turns in another season like this past one, he’d lose it, which is why I think the Cavs would be willing to get rid of him. Orlando, in turn, would gain those two young guys go play along Olidipo and whoever else they select in this year’s draft with some other young pieces building for the future.
    – Hibbert certainly didn’t play like an All Star in the second half of the season and in the playoffs. Indy would benefit from having a backup like Boozer, who could provide consistent scoring off the bench– something they didn’t have in the front court last season.
    – Len is considered a project, yes, but the Pistons know they won’t be able to re-sign Monroe. Len and Drummond could play on the court at the same time in certain situations, as well. Adding Goodwin and Len (two guys around 20 years old) and the 14th pick in the draft (which will have some value), while getting rid of Monroe, who won’t be there after this season, makes sense to me.
    Thanks for the comment!

  • BAM

    Not so sure Mario Bennett has much value at this point. he was ohrrendous last season

  • Rusty

    Most of these trades make no sense. They’re feast for one side & famine for the other. Love going to Boston gets him the same thing he had with the T/Wolves…no post season. Do a sign & trade with the Heat for C. Bosh.

  • alan

    Sorry, No way the Magic part with a huge piece of their rebuild (Vucevic) and a very good trade chip in Affalo for a SG (Waiters) as they already have Oladipo, and Bennet has not shown he was worthy of the #1 pick, that trade is absurd, you must be a Cleveland fan to come up with a trade like that.

  • rick

    too many stupid people in this world idiot writer is one of them a kjyrie irvin for jameer nelson trade is more fair than this crap

  • Editor

    Do you mean Kyrie Irving?

  • jack

    That’s the worst one, you must be a Knicks fan.